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Hawking in businesses and real estate is an illegal practice that involves surveillance and monitoring of properties to gather information about their movements and commercial transactions, with the aim of obtaining illicit benefits.

This type of criminal activity is common in developing countries but can also occur in more developed ones.

Hawkers are individuals who observe and gather information about business and real estate movements to identify opportunities for illegal acts. They may be hired by criminal organizations or act independently.

They may also employ advanced technology like hidden cameras, drones, and other surveillance devices to covertly gather information.This illegal activity can have serious consequences for business and property owners, as hawkers may obtain confidential information about their commercial activities, leading to loss of clients and revenue.

Additionally, they may use the gathered information to commit other crimes such as theft and fraud.

Organized crime as a way of life.An organized criminal group consists of more than three individuals who coordinate and divide tasks to gather information, monitor potential victims, plan activities, and attack at a specific moment.

Profitable activities associated with organized crime include human trafficking, drug and arms trafficking, stolen goods, armed robbery, counterfeiting official documents and currency, as well as money laundering.

To prevent hawking, business and property owners should take appropriate security measures such as installing surveillance systems and hiring security personnel.

It’s also important to be cautious when conducting commercial transactions and not to share confidential information with unknown individuals.In summary, hawking in businesses and real estate is an illegal practice that can have serious consequences for property owners.

It’s important to take appropriate security measures to protect information and avoid becoming a victim of this criminal activity.

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