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Real Estate dispossession is a phenomenon that has become increasingly common in recent decades. It involves the appropriation of land and real estate by individuals or companies without the consent or fair compensation of the original owners. This practice often occurs in urban and peri-urban areas where land value and real estate demand are high.

Real estate dispossession can manifest in various ways. In some cases, individuals or companies seeking to take over the land resort to violence or intimidation, threatening the original owners with forced evictions, property destruction, or even physical violence. In other cases, fraudulent practices such as document forgery, bribery of public officials, or manipulation of legal processes are used.

Around 11,191 investigation files on real estate dispossession have been produced so far in this administration.

From 2016 to 2021, a total of 17,866 investigation files have been recorded.

Cases that far from being resolved, are stirred every day in a sea of endless acts of vandalism.

Not only the assets of the owners who are victims of the abuse by organized groups from the political sphere are affected. They also impact witnesses, neighbors, and consequently businesses that are harassed so they don’t provide statements to the investigation police or even refrain from reporting to authorities.

It’s no secret that for the government, the slogan “first the poor” is a priority, by not removing invading groups, leaving their belongings on the street, and apprehending the responsible parties.

However, the rights of those who have been stripped of their properties are crushed by the supposed policy of support for those who allegedly need it most. In need, some even have two or three cars, a government payroll, and the backing of political authorities with no morals.

It’s no secret to anyone that the Neighborhood Assembly professionally engages in dispossession, under the protection of the ruling party. They act with total impunity, with violence, they intimidate neighbors, witnesses, and even proliferate threats. Subsequently, they control other neighbors through assemblies, instruct them on which businesses to go to and which not to. Locating security cameras in neighboring houses and businesses is a priority. And even preventing them from being there if it doesn’t suit them.

Socially, dispossession has become a scourge. But economically, it is highly productive for organizers, as it means electoral votes. Votes are obtained not only by giving free housing to voters but also by obtaining money from the sale of apartments for rent that will not be declared. Likewise, they do not pay electricity or water.

The cost of renting a stripped property, with 4 floors, with two and three-bedroom apartments, is around $4000.

If 4 or 5 apartments are sold, it already represents an income of $16,000 to $20,000 pesos monthly. Which annually means an income of $192,000 to $240,000, without paying ISR.

Real estate dispossession as a violent manifestation of organized crime is a serious problem in Mexico, which affects not only homeowners but also society as a whole. This illegal practice not only causes great economic and emotional harm to the affected people but also has a negative impact on the stability and security of communities.

The violation of the right to private property is a crime contemplated in Article 27 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States:

I. Of human rights Article 27.- “The property of individuals cannot be occupied without their consent, except for reasons of public utility and prior compensation. The law will determine the authority that must carry out the expropriation, and the requirements in which it must be carried out.

For its part, the Federal Penal Code establishes in its Article 395

Article 395. – The penalty of 12 months to eight years in prison and a fine of one thousand to five thousand days of the minimum wage will be applied: I. – To those who of their own authority and using violence or stealthily, or employing threat or deception, occupy someone else’s property or make use of it, or a real right that does not belong to them.

To address this problem, it is necessary for authorities to implement effective measures to prevent and combat real estate dispossession, including the investigation and prosecution of those responsible. Additionally, it is important to provide support and assistance to victims so they can recover their properties and rebuild their lives.

In summary, real estate dispossession is a crime that must be eradicated in all its forms and manifestations, and a multidisciplinary approach that includes law enforcement and the protection of human rights is needed to achieve this. Only then can a safe and just environment be guaranteed for all members of society.

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