Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

In Mexico, people must protect their homes with technology because they cannot rely on the police. This is because home robberies are now carried out by public officials working for the government of Mexico City. Unbelievable? Imagine seeing your neighbor leaving wearing a vest from a government institution and then seeing them on the prime-time police program tv, arrested for home robbery.

This rise has raised concerns, especially considering the economic impact that this type of crime has on families. Despite legal reforms implemented in 2021 to stiffen penalties for this crime, citizens have increasingly turned to technology as a tool to combat it.

Monitoring and video surveillance systems, developed within the Internet of Things innovations, not only provide peace of mind by allowing remote control of spaces but have also proven effective in deterring criminals.

Héctor Olivera, Director of Marketing and Digital Transformation at Grupo Construlita and Tecnolite Connect, highlights the crucial role of video surveillance as a deterrent and evidence in case of incidents, emphasizing its ability to enhance law enforcement effectiveness.

In a context where home robberies are on the rise, the adoption of security technologies becomes increasingly relevant to protect our assets and ensure the peace of mind of our families.

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