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Unraveling a Web of Deception: Alleged Crimes in the Shadow of Public Office

By Wineditablog May 9, 2024

Since 2012, a woman, seemingly an ordinary neighbor and homemaker, embarked on a campaign to collect official documents. Ostensibly, her aim was to “enroll in the programs of the local congresswoman,” purported initiatives that she claimed would benefit her neighborhood. One such program involved the distribution of 5-kilogram bags of fruits and vegetables for $35.00.

Her soft-spoken demeanor, coupled with a childlike tone, veiled her actions in an air of secrecy and intrigue. Her modest appearance served as a facade. By 2016, this same woman encouraged the gathering of official documents to gain access to the supposed congresswoman’s programs. Curiously, she also made frequent visits—up to twenty times a day—to a building now overrun and usurped.

In 2020, a truck carrying filing cabinets arrived at the invaded building. The driver, wielding a key, unloaded the cabinets and placed them inside. Before departing, he handed the key to a woman who arrived in a black car; she never entered the building. Avoiding the main avenue, the driver maneuvered the truck onto a parallel street.

This incident aroused suspicion of the presence of significant documents within the building. It was this woman who confirmed these suspicions through her involvement in the building’s usurpation. One evening, while speaking on the phone on the street, she mentioned having another project underway. On a sunny day, she was observed conversing on the rooftop of the building, unaware of the surveillance from the neighboring house.

Subsequently, it was discovered that the neighbors’ documents were used to form an illicit association, facilitating the usurpation of the property. Not only does this association lack registration with the Ministry of the Interior, but it also lacks a tax identification number with the Tax Administration Service.

Coincidentally, the local government of the municipality where the events transpired issued monetized cards on at least three occasions, exclusively benefiting their clientele.

The mayor, or congressman, dubbed “the perpetual,” has governed the same municipality for 18 years alongside his brother, friend, and niece. He switched parties, once claiming he would never win the presidency, yet not only did he win, but he also paved the way for the local congressman, now vying for a federal position.

The woman in question, now under the scrutiny of the capital’s prosecutor’s office, belongs to an agricultural organization accused of large-scale land seizures. Guerrero and Veracruz have fallen victim to this pseudo-social organization, which occasionally stages marches in Mexico City to demand government housing assistance.

It is imperative to note that the case is still under judicial review, necessitating the omission of individuals’ and organizations’ names, as well as the municipality. Updates will be provided when appropriate.

By Wineditablog

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